2024 Presentations

If you missed the 2024 March Conference, you may watch or review each presentation below. Gain insight on topics such as AI, PoE, lighting codes, trends in lighting design, circadian lighting, dark sky recommendations, lighting health, embodied carbon, lifecycle sustainability objectives, and so much more!

Micro Lens Arrays (MLAs) and Grey-Scale Photolithography

Andrew Finch, Brightview Technologies

Why are PK-12 schools choosing to install tunable lighting? Are they still happy with their choice?

Sarah Safranek, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Alexandra Christiana, HMFH Architects

The A,B,C’s of PoE

Harry Aller, Innovative Lighting
David Robinson, Mecho Shading Solutions
Kim Johnson, MHT Technologies
Tyler Andrews, PoE Texas

Navigating the Future: Code Compliance and Energy Efficiency

Sean Lafferty, Steinel America

Better Than Blue Light

Jay Neitz, PhD, University of Washington
James Kuchenbecker, University of Washington

Horticultural Lighting​ for
Architectural Spaces

Yan Ren-Butcher, RAYN
Hannah Ball, Rayn Growing Systems

Unveiling Potential: Bridging Gaps in Circadian Lighting Design Guidelines

Levent Sahin, CCNY

7 Basic Rules for Successful Lighting Integration to the BMS

Scott Ziegenfus, Current Lighting

Frontiers of Sustainable Lighting

David Bergman, David Bergman Eco
Shaun Fillion, RAB Lighting
Chelsea Kreielsheimer, Atelier Ten
Alessa Aguayo, Coronet LED

Designing Lighting to Enable Workplace Equity and Performance

Jose Dos Santos, Signify
Meg Smith, LWLumens
Tony Esposito, International Well Building Institute

Beyond the Visible:
The proven effects of near-infrared light on our health and well-being

Dr. Anne Berends, Seaborough BV

Scalable Energy-Efficient Lighting: Harnessing Fault Managed Power and X-PoE for cost effective Low Voltage DC Lighting

Luis Suau, Sinclair Digital

Taming DMX

Sahil Lotia, Mulvey & Banani Lighting

Perfecting Light for Improved Wellbeing: A Quest to Minimize Glare

Henri Uutela, Ledil

3 Times Square / Touro College Lobby and the Creative Process

Anita Jorgensen, Anita Jorgensen Lighting Design

Creative and Practical Design Strategies
for Delivering Visual and Non-visual Benefits of Lighting

Daniel Frering, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Mariana Figueiro, Mark Rea Jennifer Brons, Light and Health Research Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Game On: Lighting Your Way to an Energy Code Win!

Harold Jepsen, Legrand / Wattstopper
Michael Jouaneh, Lutron
Julie Donovan, Horton, Lees Brogden Lighting Design

Deciphering Code Updates for IECC and ASHRAE 90.1 Lighting and Control Requirements

Mike Lehman, ConTech Lighting, a Leviton Company
Joe Briscoe, Leviton

Recommendations vs Reality

Wendy Luedtke, ETC
Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jessica Collier Kelly, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

A Brighter Tomorrow: Lighting for the Workplace of the Future

Jessica Smith, Stantec
Alison Fiedler, Stantec
Rachel Fitzgerald, Stantec

Specifying Outdoor Lighting That Enables Decarbonization and Minimizes Light Pollution Doesn’t Have to be a Headache

Leora Radetsky, DesignLights Consortium
Tony Esposito, Lighting Research Solutions LLC

Light Me The Way Home: Residential Lighting Design

Deborah Gottesman, Gottesman Associates

Facade Lighting: Reducing Its Contribution to Skyglow

Craig Bernecker, The New School, Parsons School of Design and Ajin Cho, Domingo Gonzalez Associates

Adapting to the new requirements of UL 924 Emergency Lighting: Challenges and New Opportunities

Eric Miller, Avi-on Labs, Inc.

A Refined Approach to Exterior and Landscape Lighting within DarkSky Recommendations

Kathryn Toth, Theia Lighting Design

Specifying Sustainable Luminaires

Scott Roos, Acuity Brands

Specifying for Success with Today’s Wireless Mesh Controls

Rita Renner, McWong International
C. Webster Marsh, Penumbra Controls

Architectural Case Study: Bold Exterior Choices at the Gershwin Theatre

Christien Methot, Design One Lighting Design

A Five-Step Human-Centric Lighting Design Process for Your Next Project

Tony Esposito, International WELL Building Institute
Kevin Houser, Oregon State University

Not All RGBW Is The Same: Challenges of designing RGBW luminaires

David Grassi, Lumenpulse Lighting Inc.

Illuminating Illusions: The Art and Science of Artificial Windows

Jonathan Clark, Innerscene

Lighting and Control Design to Promote Health and Well-being in Healthcare Spaces

Christian Groom, Legrand
Stacey Kennedy, Focal Point
Tom Kaczkowski, HOK

Decarbonization in Lighting – the Hotspots

Leela Shanker, WAP Sustainability
William Paddock, WAP Sustainability
James Salazar, WAP Sustainability

Darkness by Design

Jane Slade, Speclines

What If We Thought of a Lighting System as a Teammate?

Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Corey Fallon, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Rachel Fitzgerald, Stantec

Catching Up with Bluetooth® Technology and DALI: Advances in Interoperability, Technology and Applications

Carol Jones, DALI Alliance
Henry Wong, Bluetooth Special Interest Group
Stephen Zhou, McWong International

POE Past–Present–Future

Farukh Aslam, Sinclair Holdings
Mitchell Bloomberg, International Lights
Michael Baudo, Zumtobel and Lilian Fu, WSP

Circularity and Digital Transformation: Zhaga-D4i Platforms

Dr. Mark Duffy, MD35 Consulting

Value Driven Innovation: Targeting Equity

Meg Smith, lwlumens

Lighting Design and AI – The Future is Here

Lisa J. Reed, Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Carla Bukalski, Focal Point

Lighting the Way Responsibly: Safeguarding your well being

Wojciech Kryspin, MSc, Vizulo

A Path Through the Wilderness of Lighting Control Specification

Shoshanna Segal, Hartranft Lighting Design

Light + Justice in Practice

Edward Bartholomew, Bartholomew Lighting
Lya Osborn, Unolai Lighting Design

Bursting the Melatonin Bubble: New Perspectives for Human-Centric Lighting

Dr. Shelley James, Age of Light Innovations

The Perfect Fit! NY Times case study on sustainability

Graham Whittaker, Zumtobel and Attila Uysal, Lumenarch

Confessions of an Old School Lighting Auditor

Frank Agraz, Eco Engineering

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