2018 Presentations

The Cross-Discipline Future of Lighting Design Education

by Lyn Godley,
Jefferson University Associate Professor

Mixed Signals: Animating Lighting with Different Protocols

by Shaun Fillion, NYSID
Chuck Cameron, Stan Deutsch Associates Jeff Hoenig, CBBLD
Ted Hayes, RAB Lighting

The Future’s So Bright U Gotta Wear Shades

by Steven Rosen, Available Light
Adam Carangi, Lumenetix

Contemporary Luminaire Design Trends

by Kevin Leadford
Acuity Brands Lighting

How To Use TM-30

by Michael Royer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jason Livingston, Studio T+L
Wendy Luedtke, ETC

Stargazing vs. Safety: The Dilemma of Exterior Lighting

by Jane Slade, RAB Lighting
Shaun Fillion, NYSID

The Lovers of Light – a Point Counterpoint Game Show Discussion on Lighting Topics We Care About

by Ron Steen, Xicato
Dave Young, ETC
Jana Owens, Fluxwerx
Angelica Santana, CM Kling + Associates
Natalia Lesniak, Lumen Architecture Marial Tavian Acevedo, Solus

Using LED Lighting for Video in Conference and Other Spaces with Cameras

by Brooke Silber, Jan & Brooke Luminae
Jim Yorgey, Lutron

Community Friendly Lighting

by Bob Parks,
Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA)

Challenges of Connected Lighting and Sensor Integration

by Kevin Martin, William Mills,
Justin Cathey, Northern Illinois University

Light and WELL Building Standard

by Joyce Reyes, LightBox Studios
Michael Mehl, LightBox Studios
Molly Dee, JB&B

Design for Human Experience

by Alfred Borden and Anna Ammari,
Studios Architecture

What’s So Smart About Smart Lighting Control Systems?

by Anne Cheney,
Melanie Freundlich Lighting Design

Shall We Meet by the Elevator at 3000K….? Characterizing Multichannel Lighting in Office and Hospitals

by Meg Smith, Philips Lighting
Patricia Rizzo, Philips Lighting
Chad Groshart, Atelier Ten

Dr. StrangeLED or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying…

by Kenneth Schutz,
Focus Lighting

Can Changes in Color Temperature Influence Subjective Impressions in an Environment?

by Craig Bernecker, Parson School of Design, The Lighting Education Institute

The Future of Lighting Will Be Personalized?

by JP Bedell,
Stan Deutsch Associates

Rethinking Urban Pedestrian Lighting Metrics

by Leora Radetsky,
LIRC Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Susanne Seitinger, Philips Lighting

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dimming LEDs

by Ethan Biery and Tom Shearer,

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Lighting – Enabling Integrated, Automated Buildings

by Randy Jones,
Engineering Manager, H.E. Williams, Inc.

The Presidents Get Connected – A Smithsonian Case Study in Connected Lighting

by Alexander Cooper, National Portrait Gallery The Smithsonian
Ken Kane, Lighting Services, Inc.
Ron Steen, Xicato

Implementing Scientific Research in the Built Environment

by Gayathri Unnikrishnan,
Intl WELL Building Standard

Designing with OLEDs and Integration Components

by Giana Phelan, OLEDWorks LLC
Michael Fusco, LED Specialists

Connected Lighting Systems: How Easy is Easy?

by Daniel Blitzer, The Practical Lighting Workshop
Ruth Taylor, PNNL
Melanie Taylor, WSP

Spectral Design of Healthcare Environment

by Robert Soler, BIOS Lighting

Light for Improving Sleep, Treating Cancer Fatigue and Depression: A Field Study

by Mariana Figueiro, LRC Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
William Redd, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Sandra Stashik, Acuity Brands Lighting

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