2023 Emergency Egress Lighting and LED Lighting

Jamie Eck, O’Blaney Rinker Associates

March 8, 2023

10:30am – 11:30am EST

Room Location: Nassau

1 LU / Elective

All projects need to include lighting along the path of egress, exit pathways and signs illuminating exits out to a safe space. There are specific codes and guidelines required to be adhered too when selecting the components for your emergency lighting. This presentation will cover minimum light level requirements along the path of egress, governing codes and agencies, and the different types of systems and components that can be incorporated into your specific design.

Learning Objectives

  1. What constitutes Emergency Egress
  2. How much light is required for Emergency Egress
  3. What types of equipment can be used for Emergency Egress
  4. Who has final authority of all aspects of Emergency Egress


Jamie Eck
Sales Representative, O’Blaney Rinker Associates

Jamie brings with him more than 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. In that time, Jamie has worked several markets and verticals in multiple sales positions. Starting in lighting distribution in 1989, Jamie moved over to the manufacturer side, working as a sales rep for Philips Lighting in the New York–New Jersey territory. At Brazill Brothers Jamie repped GE Lighting in the same territories. Most recently at Satco Products, he serviced customers in the Northeast and MidAtlantic as Regional Sales Manager. Currently working for O’Blaney Rinker Associates as a Business Development Manager in the New York/New Jersey territory.


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