A Path Through the Wilderness of Lighting Control Specification

Shoshanna Segal, Hartranft Lighting Design

Location: Gramercy

March 20, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

Credits 1 LU | Elective


With so many different types of systems and requirements, how do you get what you really want from lighting controls? Designers and architects need to consider the visual environment they are creating as well as the operational characteristics of the systems being installed. Design teams now often find themselves faced with questions of how to create a level of interoperability and digital integration with adjacent building systems that was not so commonplace in the recent past. Fortunately, the tools exist to articulate both the designer’s intent and the specific steps required to achieve that intent. By examining the development process behind the Control Intent Narrative and the Sequence of Operations, this seminar will provide guidance for assembling these documents and specific examples of language that is both clear and contractually enforceable.

A basic understanding of the phased design and construction process and how lighting controls relates would be helpful for this presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the components of a clear and contractually enforceable controls specification.
  • Compare the two documents addressed by ANSI/IES LP16-22, the Control Intent Narrative and Sequence of Operation
  • Describe how to switch from suggestive language to imperative language
  • Analyze how best to document Control Intent and Operational Characteristics


Shoshanna Segal
Shoshanna Segal
Hartranft Lighting Design

Shoshanna Segal believes in the power of light to make the world a more equitable and accessible place. She uses both the artistic and scientific sides of her brain to illuminate the spaces where people live, work, and learn because this is the way she can effect change for the greatest number of people. Years of professional practice have taught her that lighting provides opportunities to realize synergies among technology, social interaction, and commerce. Ms. Segal practices creating these synergies as a senior designer at Hartranft Lighting Design. She is among the first professionals in the world to achieve the international certification CLD and is serving currently as president of the IESNYC. Shanna firmly believes that all lighting professionals should drink bourbon.

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