Recommendations vs Reality

3 million eye-level spectral measurements taken in factory and office spaces have a thing or two to teach us about lighting for human health

Wendy Luedtke, ETC | Andrea Wilkerson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory | Jessica Collier Kelly, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Location: Gramercy

March 19, 2024
10:30 am - 12:00 pm EST

Credits 1.5 LU | HSW


PNNL collaborated with ETC Inc. to capture light exposure variation at factory, manufacturing, and office employee workstations at ETC’s Headquarters in Middleton, WI. Employee surveys requested data on daylight exposure, motivation, alertness, and lighting satisfaction. This session examines the lighting measurements and survey data to highlight the complexity of lighting for healthy workplaces. The magnitude and duration of light exposure in relation to occupant outcomes will be discussed in the context of current light and health research and recommendations such as WELL. This session is for anyone interested in learning more about the variability of the human experience in buildings.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to create a plan for characterizing light exposure at the eye of the occupants.
  • Participants will be able to recognize the variation in vertical light levels between seasons and work locations and apply findings to design work.
  • Participants will be able to describe the relationship between the measured lighting conditions and occupant outcomes reported via daily surveys.
  • After this session, participants will be able to utilize the new tools and research methods presented to conduct future research regarding light and health in buildings.


Wendy Luedtke
Wendy Luedtke
Product Technology Specialist

As ETC’s product technology specialist for color, Wendy is part of the Advance Research Group and focuses across product areas on color exploration, science, and standards. She is a member and past chair of the IES Color Committee and a member of both ESTA’s Photometrics Working Group and USA-829.

Andrea Wilkerson
Andrea Wilkerson
Senior Lighting Research Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Andrea Wilkerson is a Senior Lighting Research Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, focusing on the evaluation of emerging lighting technology in support of the U.S. DOE SSL Program. She earned her doctorate from Penn State and her BS and MAE from the University of Nebraska in the respective architectural engineering programs. Andrea serves as an Associate Editor of LEUKOS, as President of the IALD Education Trust Board of Directors, on the NCQLP Exam committee and the Oregon State University School of Civil and Construction Engineering Industry Advisory Board.

Jessica Collier Kelly
Jessica Collier Kelly
Lighting Research Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Jessica is a lighting research engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and has a background in lighting design and architecture. Her current research is focused on evaluating the application of advanced lighting and control systems through simulation and field projects in support of the U.S. DOE SSL Program.

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