2023 How Lighting for Circularity Delivers Economic, Environmental and Social Value

Thomas Marinelli, Signify

Virtual Monday
March 6, 2023

8:00am – 9:00am EST

Credit: 1 LU / Elective

Today, we use 1.6 times the volume of resources that our planet can sustain. Our outdated linear model of ‘take-make-dispose’ continues to be increasingly wasteful and challenging to source. This session will explore the alternative, circular model and how the industry can transition to this more sustainable approach. Thomas Marinelli will provide a comprehensive overview of how circular products, systems and services maximize the (re)usability, serviceability and upgradability of lighting to preserve value and minimize waste. He’ll also explore how specifiers and end-users can achieve their visions and goals with circular lighting.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the three production models – linear, recycling and circular – and how lighting can lead the transition to circularity.
  2. Learn how circular lighting design and its sustainable focal areas can improve the performance of your lighting.
  3. Understand design for circularity and its four components (serviceable luminaires, circular components, intelligent systems and services).
  4. Get a glimpse into how these lighting technologies can support your sustainability objectives now and in the future.


Thomas Marinelli
Head of Sustainable Innovation & Design, Signify

Thomas Marinelli has been in the lighting industry since 2004. Over the past 18 years, he’s been responsible for multiple sustainability projects across the Royal Philips business before transitioning into his current role with Signify. He is now responsible for driving sustainability strategic priorities, such as identifying social, circular, energy-efficient and other sustainable design opportunities for the lighting product portfolio, as well as business opportunities to make Signify’s propositions more interesting and attractive for customers. He has a PhD in heterogeneous catalysis and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management.


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