Lighting and Control Design to Promote Health and Well-being in Healthcare Spaces

Christian Groom, Legrand | Stacey Kennedy, Focal Point | Tom Kaczkowski, HOK

Location: Nassau

March 19, 2024
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST

Credits 1 LU | Elective


The advancement of lighting and lighting control integration is enabling more comfortable space which have traditionally been viewed as sterile environments. Good lighting solutions on the market today enhance healthcare facilities while simultaneously meeting application requirements and elevating occupant experience. Whether the occupant is a tenured surgeon or a traveling nurse, when they walk into the room, they’ll easily turn the lights on and off or push a button to enable a specific scene. In addition to meeting recommended illuminance levels, helping with wayfinding, and making interiors feel welcoming and comfortable, installed luminaires also support the stringent maintenance and cleanability requirements of healthcare buildings. Lastly, integrated lighting and control systems can improve building efficiency, contribute to attaining WELL Building certification, and improve healthcare facilities overall ratings by patients – known as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS).

Introductory understanding of lighting and control design in healthcare applications is recommended for this presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Design advanced lighting and lighting control solutions for health care projects to improve comfort and simplify control while supporting maintenance and cleanability requirements.
  • Learn how integrated lighting and controls can improve building efficiency and contribute to attaining WELL Building certification.
  • Understand lighting and control strategies for application specific spaces in healthcare: patient room, corridor, nurse station, and lobbies.
  • Learn best practices for specifiers when working with manufacturers and manufacturer reps to meet application-specific design requirements.


Christian Groom
Christian Groom
Director of Marketing

Christian Groom is the Director of Marketing for Legrand’s Building Control Systems division, leading the team behind the marketing and product marketing for Legrand’s Encelium, Vantage, Shading Systems, and Wattstopper brands. Christian has been with Legrand for nearly five years, where he joined as a Product Manager responsible for Wattstopper’s Digital Lighting Management product portfolio. Christian has been in the lighting & controls industry for just under 10 years and held roles in product management, marketing, and customer experience at various lighting manufacturers before joining Legrand. When Christian started in the industry – after realizing a supply chain within the energy sector wasn’t for him – he didn’t realize how much passion he would develop for lighting technology, the complex channel dynamics, and most of all, the people. He still considers himself “early in career,” and with that mentality, finds fulfillment in learning something new every day, especially when interacting with industry veterans.

Stacey Kennedy
Stacey Kennedy
Sr. Director, Healthcare Vertical
Focal Point

Stacey Kennedy has spent her professional career in a variety of roles and industries. Today she oversees product development, marketing, and sales for the healthcare vertical at Focal Point. Stacey has been with Focal Point’s parent company, Legrand, since 2015. Over the past twenty years, she has served in TV production, marketing, IT, and customer experience functions across the cable sports, financial services, healthcare, tech, and manufacturing industries. Thanks to this diverse background, Stacey brings a strong customer focus to healthcare lighting at Focal Point, which has helped her learn from the lighting designers, agents, and facilities managers who are responsible for lighting hospitals and healthcare facilities around North America. Stacey holds an MBA in IT Management from Southern New Hampshire University and a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Kansas. She’s an advisory member of the IES Healthcare Facilities Lighting Committee, and holds memberships in the AIA and the National Association of Medical Facility Professionals. Stacey resides in Connecticut.

Tom Kaczkowski
Tom Kaczkowski
Principal / Director of Lighting Design

Tom has been an architectural lighting designer for 36 years at HOK St Louis office. He leads the HOK Lighting Group, eight lighting designers in three HOK offices—St Louis, Kansas City, and New York with services available in all HOK offices. Tom has worked on most project types, with a heavy focus on Healthcare in last 20 years and was a lighting product designer for four fixtures including Focal Point (Facetta and Apollo w/LED Readers). As Director of Lighting Design, Tom strives to create lighting solutions carefully tailored to provide the most appropriate visual environment for the client’s specific tasks, activities and budget. Integrated interior and exterior lighting design solutions balance the art and science of ever-changing lighting technology. Tom’s lighting design solutions are architecturally appropriate while maximizing energy efficiency and sensitivity to long-term maintenance issues.

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