Feng Shui and Lighting

Deborah Khorsandy, Luminostri Lighting Design Studio


March 15, 2024
7:00 am - 8:00 am EST

Credits TBD


What is Feng Shui? It’s science, physics, thought and philosophy. In other words, it is life. In relation to science and lighting it can be considered the electromagnetic spectrum of the Orient. This presentation will explain how to define our surroundings and spaces by using the visible and invisible light emissions in the electromagnetic spectrum to further enhance the power and substance of Feng Shui techniques and practices. Attendees will learn how to to introduce and discuss incorporating Feng Shui into lighting projects.


  • Learn to introduce the incorporation of Feng Shui into lighting projects
  • Learn positioning of lighting for it’s benefit
  • Learn the materials used for feng shui
  • Learn the elements and importance of this subject


Deborah Khorsandy
Deborah Khorsandy
Principal/Managing Director
Luminostri Lighting Design Studio

Deborah is a lighting design consultant based in Hong Kong. She has been in the lighting industry in Asia since 2000. She is British/Italian/Israeli and has had her own practice in Hong Kong working on projects in Asia since 2005.

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