2022 Supplying Emergency Power to LED Systems

Daren Hatfield, IOTA and Aswini Vallampati, Emergency Drivers and Ballasts, Acuity Brands

March 16, 2022
9:30AM – 10:30AM

Location: Gramercy


1 LU | Elective

LED luminaire designs feature several components that work together to achieve the lighting function. When using these luminaires for emergency egress illumination, an understanding of how these components operate together is required to provide proper alternate emergency power. This presentation examines varying LED characteristics and technological demands to ensure proper and effective operation of LED luminaire designs when used for emergency egress. Topics of system and electrical compatibility include understanding Class 2 and non-Class 2 forward voltages, line voltage compatibility, inrush resulting from LED capacitance, and the transitioning from fixed to dynamic loads when using LED tube lamp designs.

  • Understanding the role of Forward Voltage and the difference between Class 2 and non-Class 2 LED loads that are utilized predominately in the lighting industry.
  • Recognize how compatibility to different Mains voltages (120/277/347/480 VAC) is relevant to devices supplying emergency power.
  • Understand how LED system components create inrush and what considerations are needed for emergency devices on the system.
  • Learn the different types of LED tube lamp designs and effective methods of supplying emergency power to these lamp types.


Daren Hatfield
Marketing Manager, IOTA

Daren Hatfield has been involved with emergency lighting sector since 1999 as marketing manager for IOTA. He has had firsthand experience of working with the technological shifts arising from the rapid transition to LED for broad commercial application and the resulting need for information on applying effective emergency solutions to these designs.

Aswini Vallampati
Product Manager, Emergency Drivers and Ballasts, Acuity Brands

Aswini Vallampati has guided emergency driver design for both IOTA and Power Sentry brands and is instrumental in developing effective LED emergency solutions for Acuity Brands that meet electrical, mechanical, regulatory, and diverse application demands.


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