Wojciech Kryspin

Wojciech Kryspin, MSc is a specialist in VIZULO, with already 17 years of experience in professional lighting. As an Outdoor Product Development Director, he provides extensive technical support both at the stage of implementation and sales of products around the world. Only this year, he has already conducted conferences and product trainings in Sweden, France, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Australia, USA and many other countries.

Wojciech has a background in electronics and electrical engineering, specializing in Lighting Technology. After graduation at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Poland, he has started as a lighting designer where over many years, he has completed thousands of lighting projects both indoor and outdoor throughout the Europe.

His next roles as a product and quality manager and very close cooperation with R&D departments, factories and lighting labs allowed him to further expand his detailed knowledge in terms of practical aspects and the use of products in real projects. Now he continues his fascinating journey through the lighting business and as he claims, his inborn curiosity does not allow him to pass by a new product indifferently, before he first opens it, breaks it and then fixes it back.


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