Levent Sahin

Dr. Levent Sahin brings over two decades of expertise as a research scientist and lighting design professional, dedicating his career to unraveling the profound impact of light on diverse populations. His extensive portfolio spans the visual and non-visual effects of light, targeting groups such as students, shift workers, military personnel, and the elderly with cognitive impairments. Dr. Sahin’s meticulous research has yielded profound scientific insights, resulting in evidence-based applications and numerous highly cited publications in leading peer-reviewed technical and scientific journals. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Sahin’s groundbreaking discovery showcases the alertness-promoting effect of red light, which is currently undergoing practical testing, demonstrating its potential to enhance acute alertness without disrupting circadian rhythms. This innovation is finding applications in real-world settings, including federal offices overseen by the General Services Administration, US Air Force control rooms, and the Metro Istanbul dispatch center. Expanding his impact, Dr. Sahin delves into the realm of Alzheimer’s disease, exploring the effective use of 40 Hz flickering light as a therapeutic approach. His academic journey boasts a Ph.D. from the esteemed Lighting Research Center and an MSc in Industrial Product Design. He is the Founder and Head of Research at Conditioned Light Research | Consulting providing services in lighting research, design, and education. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture.


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