Jay Neitz

Jay Neitz PhD holds the Bishop endowed Professorship in Ophthalmology at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. He seeks to understand how the human visual system operates by studying the entire process of seeing, from genes to behavior. He has discovered how genetic mutations influence the most common vision problems that affect modern humans, including myopia, colorblindness and disrupted circadian rhythm. He is the leading expert on the of study the role of color information in driving behavior including the influence of color on circadian rhythms. His research has also triggered a reconsideration of how neural circuits for seeing color and drive rhythms become established, and he has been working out the neurobiological mechanisms driving the circadian rhythm using a combination of reconstructions of retinal circuitry from serial electron microcopy, electrophysiology and psychophysics. Jay Neitz received his PhD from the University of California in Santa Barbara.


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