Graham Whittaker

Graham looks back on a career over 30 years in the lighting Industry. Originally from the UK, he studied product design, but switched to lighting design thereafter. He worked two years at ERCO in the application team and five successful years as a Lighting Designer/Consultant at Equation.

Graham has lectured extensively three continents and has spoken at conferences in Europe, Australia, and the US. While in the UK he was part of the team that created the British Council for Offices ‘Guide to Lighting’. In Australia he worked with the Green Building Council on the creation of a Lighting Comfort Credit. With the aim to recognize and encourage the design of well-lit spaces that provide a high degree of comfort to users.

In addition to working with the GBCA, Graham was an active member of the Lighting Council of Australia. Teaming up with the heads of various manufactures and Australian Standards to work on various lighting topics that effected the lighting community in Australia.

Since arriving in the US he has been an active member of the IALD LIRC and is part of the team to introduce IALD first CEU lighting program LERN. Graham has filled multiple leading lighting application roles within Zumtobel both in the UK and Australia before joining the US team in 2015 as Director of Lighting Application his current role Regional Director of Sales, Metro New York


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