Not All RGBW Is The Same

Challenges of designing RGBW luminaires

David Grassi, Lumenpulse Lighting Inc.

Location: Nassau

March 19, 2024
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

Credits 1 LU | Elective


This presentation goes into the specifics of designing a color changing luminaire, such as LED selection and tradeoffs, optical design, maintaining balance of the different colors (Red, Green, Blue, and White) and what happens behind the scenes.

Knowledge of the lighting industry, basic color science, and basic electronics is recommended for this presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the history of color changing LED luminaires in architectural lighting applications
  • Understanding the difference between discrete LEDs and quad chips and what the tradeoffs are for each luminaire type, so that specifiers can deliver the best solution for their project.
  • Understanding how driving different LEDs affects their output and color consistency, and how best to use different color changing luminaires in your project to get the best result
  • Looking to the future of architectural lighting from a manufacturers standpoint, and how luminaire design could change from a standpoint of technological advancements and sustainability


David Grassi
David Grassi
Optical Engineering Manager
Lumenpulse Lighting Inc.

With more than 13 years of experience in designing optical systems for award winning architectural luminaires across a variety of applications, David Grassi has deep experience in optical design, photometric testing, photometric studies, and has supported many top Lighting Designers and Specifiers from around the world in realizing their project needs.

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