Navigating the Future: Code Compliance and Energy Efficiency

Sean Lafferty, Steinel America


March 14, 2024
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EST

Credits 1 LU | Elective


Attendees will learn about the current landscape of building code requirements, with a focus on the changes from IECC 2021 to IECC 2024, the NYCECC, and updates to CA Title 24, as well as the anticipated impact on energy consumption of those changes. Topics include how to analyze best practices for achieving code compliance, while realizing the maximum ROI through cost-effective implementation and optimization of energy cost reductions. Attendees will learn how to evaluate the true costs and benefits of implementing code-compliant practices and technologies, such as daylight harvesting, plug load control, occupancy sensing and time clock features in specific applications including schools, offices, medical facilities, and industrial environments. Discussion will include the intangible impacts, both positive and negative, of energy efficiency practices and technologies on end user experience in specific applications addressed by energy codes.

Learn how to assess the impact of hybrid learning and work environments on the energy consumption of built spaces, with an eye toward how these changes in usage should be considered under energy codes. Learn of the considerations the sociological changes driving migration away from urban environments and how these changes should be considered under the energy code. Discussion includes predictions about the future of energy codes, and how they will impact the lighting and lighting controls business, the user experience in the built environment, and our industry’s contributions to a reduced carbon footprint.


  • Following the presentation, attendees should be able to design lighting and controls to meet the energy code requirements for their jurisdiction.
  • Attendees should be able to design lighting and controls to minimize energy consumption, while also delivering a positive ROI using cost-effective solutions.
  • Attendees should be able to design lighting and controls that optimize the built environment for the end user.
  • Attendees should be able to evaluate future lighting and lighting controls needs based on emerging technologies and modifications in the behaviors of end users.


Sean Lafferty
Sean Lafferty
President & CEO
Steinel America

Sean Lafferty is President & CEO of Steinel America, driving fast paced growth and digital transformation of lighting controls and industrial heat tools. He is an experienced Board Chair with expertise in revenue growth and strategic planning, and passionate about technology that improves sustainability and wellness. He has worked in technology for almost 30 years and has a passion for applying technology into industrial applications that drive energy savings, human wellness and resilience.

Sean has developed wireless IoT applications for Building Intelligence that are driven by sensors, analytics and artificial intelligence. He brings advanced technologies and data driven solutions to industrial products such as light fixtures, HVAC systems and industrial hand tools.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Steinel America, he grew the lighting controls revenue by 100% in year one and achieved 30% CAGR during his first 5 years. He has built a traditional lighting channel approach through manufacturers reps, leveraged energy code to drive rapid sales growth, and led the digital transformation of Steinel’s world class sensor technologies. As Sales Leader of LG Electronics LED Lighting business, he developed an energy focused retrofit product line and sales channel that launched the business in the US, and served as a global model for lighting revenue growth.

Sean is currently serving on the Advisory Board for Marquette University’s S-Lab, a cross-disciplinary project that aims to research and disseminate knowledge, foster and develop leaders in sustainability and stewardship. He is an advocate for sustainable sustainability, driven by results that make environmental and energy practices practical.

Sean led a new business launch for an American company in Italy and led American divisions of both German and Korean companies. He has led strategic consulting engagements in over 12 countries on four continents and has a global mindset to understand global business culture.

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