Presented by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York

March 19–20, 2024
New York Hilton Midtown, New York City

2020 PANEL DISCUSSION – Wireless, POE, or …BOTH?


Tuesday, August 18
8:30am – 10:00am


Credits: 1.5 AIA LU

Connected Lighting technology options thus far have been a patchwork of "either/or's," with little overlap or interoperability. This session will objectively cover the pros and cons of both POE and wireless solutions. We will provide a framework for actionable decisions about how to achieve the true spectrum of lighting design, configuration, and IoT project goals, for multiple stakeholders. The near-term future for hybrid systems and interoperability will be covered, offering hope for specifiers and clients who want the best of both options and future proof solutions that aren't restricted by specific brands.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Characterize benefits, features, risks, commonalities and differences between multiple types of POE and wireless connected and IoT capable systems.
  2. Show how Control Narrative language along with owner's project requirements (OPR's) can guide decisions towards or away from POE and/or wireless systems.
  3. Provide current information about hardware components, standards and protocols, along with software and platform evolution supporting hybrid systems and interoperability.
  4. Provide a practical overview of the impact of connected systems and increasingly specific client and owner preferences on specifier roles and responsibilities.


Carol Jones
VP Integrated Systems Development, Axis Lighting

Carol Jones is the VP of Integrated Systems Development at Axis Lighting. Her role is to proactively engage with multiple lighting control and sensor manufacturers to support thoughtful and functional integration with luminaires and applications. She is especially committed to supporting quality lighting along with high value IoT apps that benefit customers and occupants in commercial environments. One of her highest values and goals is simplicity and ease of use, and she leverages change in many directions to that end. She has been a leader in the transformation of the lighting industry with experience in lighting design, emerging technologies, human factors research, best practices, energy efficiency, customer insights, system innovation, and most recently, the Internet of Things. Carol has long been at the forefront of bringing higher value intelligent lighting into reality, and is enthusiastic about how it will change our world for the better. Prior to joining Axis, she worked at Enlighted, Philips Lighting, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and HLB Lighting Design. Carol has 30+ years of experience in lighting and has been committed to the progress and development of the industry through intensive professional association work as well as conference presentations and publications.

Dwight Stewart
Founder, CTO, Igor

With 15 years of tech entrepreneurship, Dwight Stewart has a strong reputation as a successful entrepreneur, innovative technologist, and high-growth operator. Dwight consistently conceives transformative ideas and strategies; and makes them reality through constructing exceptional cultures and teams. He has founded two transformative companies: QAS, a building analytics leader, and Igor, a smart building IoT platform Cisco has labeled a “disruptor”. Dwight’s recognitions include: Clean Energy Challenge winner, Clean Tech Open winner, Midwest Energy 40 Under 40, and Commendation for U.S. Capitol Complex.

John Romano
VP of Channel and Product Sales, Enlighted

John Romano is a lighting and controls professional with 25+ years in the lighting, controls, and energy conservation field. He has been at Enlighted for 4+ years. Prior to Enlighted John spent five years in NYC specification market with Philips Lighting and Continental Lighting Sales (now part of Stan Deutsch Associates). He also has15+ years in the Energy Conservation industry as an owner of a design and implementation firm catering to needs of large ESCO’s. John has an engineering and math kind of mind, capable of understanding all kinds of systems and architectures, but has the unusual talent of translating complex concepts to new audiences in ways that are easy to absorb.