Presented by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York

Rescheduled to August 18–19, 2020

New York Hilton Midtown, 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019

2020 PANEL DISCUSSION: Integration and Commissioning: Design Team Coordination and Best Practices

PANEL DISCUSSION: Integration and Commissioning: Design Team Coordination and Best Practices

Wednesday, March 18
12:30pm – 2:00pm
Room: Murray West

Integration and Commissioning

Credits: 1.5 AIA LU

It’s increasingly necessary to have a complete and detailed commissioning/integration scope in order to ensure projects are completed on time without delays or additional costs. The purpose of this panel is to explore the information needed to be communicated between end-users, designers, and engineers to ensure a design is accomplished as intended. The panel will consist of designers, reps, and integrators who will discuss the issues they’ve encountered, the solutions and lessons learned. The end goal is to discuss where each part of the project can be improved to ensure the customer receives a complete and sustainable design.


  1. Why is commissioning/integration important? Successful commissioning and integration ensure that the design and controls intent is accomplished with minimal delays and additional costs.
  2. When/who is involved in the commissioning/integration discussions? A controls narrative helps define the end-users intended operation and determines the scope of commissioning/ integration.
  3. Budgeting for integration and commissioning? What is a fair commissioning agreement? Knowing who, what, and when for responsibilities and commissioning/integration is key to success.
  4. Managing Design Time. Each controls system requires different commissioning and integration concerns. How is this relayed to site managers to ensure on-time completion?


Jonathan Dillard, Lighting Controls Systems Engineer, Lighting Services Inc.
Jonathan Dillard is a Lighting Controls System Engineer and Lighting Services Inc. a lighting manufacturer in the New York area with projects around the globe. Coming from a theatrical design background and over 8 years of field engineering experience with commercial lighting systems has helped him in evaluating client designs.

Patrick Kisling, Principal, SLS Controls
Patrick Kisling is a principal of SLS Controls—a lighting technology agency that provides comprehensive engineering services to the NYC design and construction community. With over 10 years of experience in lighting and lighting controls, he is entrusted by industry leaders and manufacturers to oversee projects that span the gamut of commercial lighting controls approaches: conventional, wireless, DMX, PoE, and IoT.

Bobby Baines, Director of Integration, EOS Lightmedia
Bobby Baines manages sales and integration of exhibit lighting into museum and themed attraction markets, frequently collaborating with some of the world’s best exhibit designers, fabricators and contractors. Bobby builds strong relationships with the clients he works with, always making sure that information is communicated quickly and efficiently. His commitment to detail ensures that projects run on time and on budget. With over 35 years experience in the industry, Bobby is an expert in understanding lighting systems, specifications, the nature of the supply chain, and how to integrate lighting into complex environments with ease. He is renowned for his efforts to maintain his clients vision and design intent through the procurement and installation phases. Bobby’s goal on every project is to create a win-win result for all parties involved. With countless time spent converting designs into realities, Bobby’s experience allows him to quickly find solutions to the complex challenges of the specialty lighting integration world and ensure every project successfully crosses the finish line.

Ted Mather, Managing Principal, Available Light
Ted has lit theatre, dance and entertainment architecture around the world for the past 33 years. He has been Associate Lighting Designer on over 20 Broadway and touring productions including “La Bete”, “God of Carnage”, “Equus”, “Oklahoma!“, “Swan Lake”, “Art”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Les Miserable”, and “Miss Saigon”. A decade in Las Vegas included work on the Mirage volcano, the Pirate show at Treasure Island, the Masquerade Show in the Sky at the Rio, and “EFX!” at the MGM Grand Hotel. As the Managing Principal of Available Light in New York, he has designed over 70 museum and exhibit installations covering subjects like Spies, Pirates, Fossils, Wars and Hippies. He has won awards including the Lumen, THEA, IES Illumination Awards, the Lucy G. Moses Landmarks Conservancy award, and the Redden award for Corporate and Event Lighting.