Presented by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York

March 19–20, 2024
New York Hilton Midtown, New York City

2020 Decorative Lighting in a SSL World

Decorative Lighting in a SSL World

Wednesday, August 19
8:30am – 9:30am

Luminaire Design & Manufacturing

Credits: 1 AIA LU

The role of decorative lighting is evolving with the advent of Solid-State lighting. From colorful, decorative elements to fully functional architectural IoT devices, we will explore the fixture design process as it has evolved in the last 10 years and finish with a discussion on how we can best serve the lighting, interior and architectural design communities with relevant and innovative lighting.


  1. What is Commercial, Decorative lighting: Short History, Iconic fixtures, Role of decorative lighting - past and present, Future of Commercial Decorative
  2. Changing Environments: Trends in Lighting & Interior Design, Design Statements & Design Vehicles, Adaptable A-types, Ecological Design
  3. Solid State Lighting: Fixture Performance, LEDs and Optics, OLED, Thermal Management, Control Protocols, Wireless, IoT Possibilities
  4. Fast, Cheap and Design (pick any two): Design & Development Process, Industrial Design and Engineering Realities, Manufacturing Constraints, Certification & Testing, Custom Lighting, Feedback Loop


Dirk Zylstra
VP Design, Eureka Lighting / Luminaires Group / Acuity Brands

Dirk Zylstra is the VP of Design for Eureka Lighting, Luminis, a-Light, Cyclone Lighting & Luminaire LED (Acuity Brands) and a visiting Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Montreal. Dirk has been designing interior and exterior lighting fixtures and leading design teams for over 20 years and is now focused on the strategic and innovative future of products. During his career, he is proud to have worked with a wide range of talented designers and engineers to create many award-winning and high performing products, but his greatest achievement is having converted so many young and unsuspecting individuals into the “cult of lighting.”

Francois Renaud
Design Director, Eureka Lighting / Alight Lighting

Francois Renaud is the Design Director for Eureka Lighting and a-Lights, two divisions of the Luminaires Group. Having started out as an Industrial Designer, Francois has grown into an inspiring Design Director, who has a proven track record as a leader. His ability to focus and motivate his teams has resulted in the development of many award-winning and successful products, including multiple Red Dot, PIA and NGL prizes.