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March 19–20, 2024
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2022 Adapting The Past To An LED Future

Adapting The Past To An LED Future

Ryan Stockman, Grand Light

March 15, 2022

3:30PM - 4:30PM

Location: Gramercy 


1 LU | Elective

Join Ryan Stockman of Grand Light as he discusses preserving historic lighting fixtures with the integration of modern LED technologies, building codes, and regulations. The session will describe the processes required for the LED retrofitting of historic lighting fixtures, including luminaire surveys, specification development, and the various luminaire modernization options available. The presentation will also address the techniques used for the safe installation, logistics, and testing of new LED systems. Case studies will include projects such as the Massachusetts State House, Yale Schwarzman Center & Sterling Memorial Library and the William McChesney Martin, Jr. Federal Reserve Board Building.

Learning Objectives

  • Luminaire Survey: Discuss identifying existing historic luminaire conditions, historic elements, electrical assessment, and mechanical deficiencies in relation to specifying lighting upgrade options.
  • Specification Development: Develop work scope for upgrading and restoring a historic lighting fixture with LED technology, UL standards, and conform with modern building codes/regulations.
  • Luminaire Modernization: Identify how a combination of LED options can be implemented in historic luminaires, and for a maximized return on investment.
  • Installation, Logistics, & Testing: Discuss the techniques for the safe removal, transport, installation, testing, and reassembly of LED systems on historical lighting fixtures.


Ryan Stockman
Vice President, Grand Light

Ryan Stockman, Vice President at Grand Light, is a nationally recognized lighting restoration expert. Backed by over 15 years’ experience within the company having held various sales, engineering, and manufacturing positions, he has led many of the company’s award-winning restoration, replication, and custom lighting projects. Over the past decade, he has gained experience modifying existing lighting systems with energy efficient LED retrofit kits for a variety of clients including government, religious, educational and cultural institutions, architects, electrical contractors, and designers. His approach with LED retrofitting focuses on preserving the historic integrity of a fixture, while upgrading an existing lighting system with brighter, more efficient lighting.