Presented by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York

March 19–20, 2024
New York Hilton Midtown, New York City

2022 LEDucation Presentations

If you missed the 2022 March Conference, you may watch and/or download each presentation below.
Gain insight to lighting design trends, controls, sustainability, health issues, and so much more!

How Manufacturers and Specifiers can Support Sustainability and Circular Economy through Design for Disassembly
Kate Hickcox, PNNL
Aaron Smith, Finelite Inc.

Making Progress: Improvements in Lighting Controls Systems
Ruth Taylor, PNNL
Dan Blitzer, Practical Lighting Workshop
Naomi Miller, PNNL

Lighting Planning for a Resilient Urban Environment: Visual Comfort and Well-being in the City During the Night
Dr. Rebeka Vital
Ever Vital Design, Architectural Lighting

Conversation between North America and Europe
on Embodied Carbon and Circular Economy in Lighting

Leela Shanker, Borealis Lighting Studio | Russell Greenberg, RUX and Stickbulb | Emilio Hernandez, Green-Light Alliance | Yuliya Savelyeva, Arup | Jonathan Visser, Zumtobel (Amsterdam) | Iris Dijkstra, Atelier LEK

Market Driven by Regulation and Frameworks

Market Created by “Push and Pull”

Business Case Implications

Is it Solar’s Time to Shine? What You Need to Know About This Energy-efficient Technology
Mostafa Mohamed, Signify

Democratizing Lighting Controls to Meet Global Sustainability Targets
Rafal Han, Silvair

Quality Outdoor Lighting Master Class
Bob Parks, Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA)

Amin Salman, TDOT

Connectivity Vision for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings
Dr. Mark Duffy, MD35 Consulting

Power Line Control for Lighting Products
Greg Galluccio, Energy Focus, Inc.

Sleep Math = Better Daytime Light = Better Nighttime Sleep
Mariana Figueiro, Light and Health Research Center at Mount Sinai

Supplying Emergency Power to LED Systems
Daren Hatfield, IOTA and Aswini Vallampati, Emergency Drivers and Ballasts, Acuity Brands

Creating Control Clarity: How to Write Control Intents & Sequences

Harold Jepsen, Legrand | Shoshanna Segal, Luminous Flux | Lyn Gomes, DPR Construction

Digital Lighting in the Post-COVID Era
Carol Jones, Axis Lighting
Shoshanna Segal, Luminous Flux
Casey Diers, Morlights

First Look: ANSI/IES Recommended Practice for the Calculation of Lighting Power Density Values in Energy Codes
Kelly Seeger, Signify
Michael Myer, PNNL

Evaluating Lighting Control Sequence of Operations for High-Performing Buildings
John McBride and Mark Lane
Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.

DMX: Success After The Specification
Thomas Ladd and Simon Hicks
Pharos Architectural Controls

Light + Health Design: Start with a Circadian Heat Map
Adam Lilien, UL

IoT Lighting to Improve Education Facilities
Michael Lunn
Halo Recessed, Cooper Lighting Solutions

Leveraging Technology to Connect with You
Josh Miller, Acuity Brands

Simplifying Systems with Smart Lighting
Murrill Oakes, OneButton

Acoustic Lighting: One Solution for 2 Design Problems
Clara Powell, Cooledge Lighting

From RFQ to Copyright: Light Art Lessons Learned
Glenn Shrum
Parsons School of Design

Practical Application of Circadian Metrics
Yaneli Rozon and Leela Shanker
Borealis Lighting Studio

Adapting The Past To An LED Future
Ryan Stockman, Grand Light

Lighting to Support a Healthy Circadian Rhythm
Sarah Turner
Conestoga College/Head Turner Designs