Presented by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York

March 19–20, 2024
New York Hilton Midtown, New York City

2019 Presentations

2019 LEDucation Presentations

In case you missed the opportunity to attend the LEDucation 2019 Conference, click on the images below to view and/or download the presentations.

Assessing Connected Lighting Systems: What Works and How Do We Know?
Ruth Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; Dan Blitzer, The Practical Lighting Workshop

Bridging the Concept and Content of Lighting Design
Adam Carangi, Lumenetix, Inc.
Cy Eaton, Lumenetix, Inc.

Community Friendly Lighting Training 101
Bob Parks, Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance (SOLA)

Design Implications of Circadian Lighting
Dorothy Underwood, KGM Lighting

Design with LED Technology for Interior Designers
Andrew Shabica, Modulightor
Paris Kostopoulos, Paris K Interior Design

PANEL DISCUSSION –The Era of Smart Buildings: The Internet of Things and the Adoption of Power over Ethernet
James Pirot, Cresa; Peter Jacobson, Con Edison; Mitchell Bloomberg, International Lights, Inc.;
Ronald Zeccardi, The Monian Group; Carol Jones, Axis Lighting; Dario Gristina, CPL Group USA

Horticulture LED Lighting Solutions
Greg Alaura, Barron Lighting Group

Integration of Acoustic Control in Lighting Fixtures
Francois Renaud, Eureka Lighting and A-Light; Dirk Zylstra, The Luminaires Group

PANEL DISCUSSION – In the Dark: Emergency Lighting Requirements
Anne Cheney, MFLD; Kyle MacKenzie, Thomas Polise Consulting Engineer P.C.; Steve Terry, ETC;
Steven Zirinsky, Zirinsky Architecture

Introduction to LiFi
Randy Reid, LumEfficient

PANEL DISCUSSION – IoT Connected Lighting: A Design Guide
Jered Widmer, The Lighting Practice; Paula Ziegenbein, Hartranft Lighting Design; Ardra Zinkon, Tec Studio

Lighting Art

Rachel Gibney, Available Light; Ted Mather, Available Light; Anita Jorgensen, Anita Jorgensen Lighting Design; Rick Shaver, Edison Price Lighting; Amy Nelson, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Lighting in an IPD Process
Sara Gally, NCDIQ; Daryl Bodewin, HDR; Paul Daniel, HDR

Lighting Quality Metrics for Products and Projects
Ute Besenecker, DesignLights Consortium; Kate Sweater, Dwaal Lighting Design

PANEL DISCUSSION – Time is Money: Examining the Lighting Design and Manufacturer Relationship
Brienne Willcock, Illuminart (Division of Peter Basso Associates); Angelica Santana, CM Kling + Associates; Lisa Reed, Envision Lighting Design; Peter Hugh, Hugh Lighting Design; Jana Owen, Fluxwerx

Why “Compatibility” is the Magic Word in Controlling LEDs
Manny Feris, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Women and Leadership Presented by WILD - Women in Lighting + Design
Kelly Roberts; Megan Carroll; Lisa Reed; Ann Reo